Regional cotribution

Joint Study with a Local Company in Okayama Prefecture

Ibara Seiki Co. Ltd. and Okayama Prefectural University jointly developed inspection systems for automobile brake parts in 2006. The company took charge of the design and development of the machine, while Okayama Prefectural University took charge of the development of the measurement programs. Ibara Seiki Co. Ltd. was provided 8 million Japanese yen in support from Okayama Prefecture. The inspection system is working currently in the production line at the factory of Ibara Seiki Co. Ltd. The company also sold twenty inspection systems to their technology licensing company (Somboon Group) in Thailand. The total amount of sales for the inspection systems is over 100 million Japanese yen. The joint study was written up in a local newspaper (Sanyo Newspaper) on March 28, 2006.

Seminar in a Local Company

He delivered a seminar on fundamental optical devices in Rohm Wako Co., Ltd. (semiconductor device manufacturer) on September 11, 2018.